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Most beer stocks had solid gains in 07, with several growing double-digits.  AB stock price increased 6.4% to 52.34 in 07, matching gain pace of Dow Jones Avg for yr, tho it’s popping in early 08.  MolsonCoors stock had best gain in 07: +35% to 51.62. (Stock had 2 for 1 split in early Oct.)  Large global brewers racked up big gains again in 07: InBev  +15%, Heineken +23% and SABMiller +19%.  Looking at trends over last 5 yrs, SABMiller (+221%) and InBev (+153%) led way.  Heineken (+19%), AB (+8%) lagged.  Craft beer stocks were up again in 07, but at slower pace as cost/profit pressures mounted.  Boston Beer up 5% in 07, despite huge hit in Nov.  Up 163% last 5 yrs.               2007     2006      2005    2004    2003     2002   07 %Chg   07vs02 %Chg AB           52.34    49.20    42.96   50.73   52.68    48.40     6.4%       8.1% MolsonCoors  51.62    38.22    33.50                             35.1%            InBev*       57.00    49.52    36.77   28.54   21.16    22.50    15.1%     153.3% Heineken*    44.22    36.03    26.78   24.53   30.19    37.20    22.7%      18.9% SABMiller* 1416.00  1185.00  1061.00  864.00  579.00   441.50    19.5%     220.7% Boston       37.65    35.98    25.00   21.27   18.14    14.30     4.6%     163.3% Pyramid       2.45     3.07     2.55    2.10    3.44     2.99   -20.2%     -18.1% RedHook       6.65     5.20     3.17    3.51    2.60   …

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  • Year 2008
  • Volume 39
  • Issue # 1
Craft volume continues to sail along at double-digit growth rates.  Even coming down home stretch of 07, when some signs of overall retail slowdown and imports hit stormy shipments weather, craft guys still going great guns.  Craft $$ sales up 16.5% and gained 0.9 share to 7.8 in latest 4 weeks thru Dec 2 in supers, sez IRI.  That was bigger than Bud (7.4 share), and a milestone of sorts (as reported in INSIGHTS Express).  For 13 weeks, Boston Beer $$ up 24% and gained 0.3 share, led by a staggering 38% $$ gain in Seasonals.  Seasonals considerably bigger than Boston Lager for 13 weeks.  Recently, New Belgium returned to robust growth rate; $$ sales up 18% for 13 weeks too.  Many sizable craft brewers (those 40-125,000 bbls) self-report growth of 20-40% in 07.  And no signs that consumer taste for variety, flavor, innovation going away anytime soon.    At same time, there are clouds on horizon for craft brewer financials, especially sharp rise in raw materials such as barley and hops (well-documented in numerous media articles).  Cost pressures so bad that there’s even talk that a fair number of smaller brewers may be unable to make it thru 08.  Others…

Publishing Info

  • Year 2007
  • Volume 38
  • Issue # 23

AB 4th qtr sales-to-retailers continued up at same sluggish pace as in 3d qtr, up 2.2% including acquisitions; core brands up 0.5% thru week of Thanksgiving, cfo Randy Baker told analysts Nov 29. With AB core brand STRs down 1.5% in 1st half, and tuff Dec comp coming up, likely AB core brands will be down at retail in 07. Randy repeated several times that there have been

Publishing Info

  • Year 2007
  • Volume 38
  • Issue # 22
Rough reports for imports could signal slowdown or maybe reality is just catching up.  Import shipments to US fell 261,000 bbls, 11% in Sep, but are still up 1.1 mil bbls, 5% for 9 mos.  Import shipment trends have run faster than depletions all yr long.  So this was bound to happen.  Imports face gigantic comps for rest of yr too.  Up 1.6 mil bbls, 27% in 4th qtr 06.  Suggests shipments growth will slow further still, especially since Crown about flat, HUSA up mid-singles and InBev said its Euro brands down in US in 3d qtr, tho less than they had been down in 2d qtr. Recall, last time Corona and Heineken took a price increase (2004), imports barely eked out a gain.  In 05, they were back on track.  But in 2007, top 2 import brands (46% of segment) show some signs of losing steam with Corona down slightly and Heineken barely up.  That does raise concerns they may have lost some of their specialness.  Brandweek headlined: ”The Party May Be Winding Down for Beer Imports.”  Asked: “Is imported beer losing its cachet?”  Top 15 import brands make up 78% of import sales in supers, said IRI exec…

Publishing Info

  • Year 2007
  • Volume 38
  • Issue # 21
Ain’t just AB warning of “significant cost pressures” in 2008. Company comments, articles and research on costs ran rampant in recent weeks, especially concerning agricultural commodities. Barley and hops prices are thru the roof these days, with articles citing 50-100% increases in malt and barley prices (relatively small % of total big brewer costs, but gotta note). “Beverage Margins squeezed by input costs” was title of lengthy UK research piece by Dresdner Kleinwort in late Oct. Energy and metals “reached all-time high” in last 18 mos, and “raw material prices are close to an all-time high,” wrote Simon Hales of DrKw. “Brewers are most exposed to higher raw material costs.” Another competitive advantage for spirits, which also feel heat, but it’s less pronounced for them. Spirits cos also better able to price up, wrote DrKw. For both brewers and distillers, earnings “likely to come under increasing pressure in 2008 and 2009.” While “price increases should mitigate some of the downside,” beer biz “has a poor track record on pricing, notably in developed markets.” Editor’s note: earlier in 21st century, US beer prices increased above inflation for several yrs before returning to below inflation last 2 yrs, and about in-line this…

Publishing Info

  • Year 2007
  • Volume 38
  • Issue # 20
SABMiller and Molson Coors announcement to form US JV (expected to close summer 08 if approved by Feds) hit US beer biz like a thunderbolt.  Shapes up as single most doable move to create massive value in US beer biz in one fell swoop.  Tho long forecast and talked up since early 90s, timing still took many by surprise.  Players kept pretty tight lid as they got close on one of most important developments of this or any decade.    Discussions reportedly had foundered on basic issues like ownership structure and mgt in past.  In end, SABMiller seemingly accepted 50-50 JV (tho it has 58% of value) and Molson Coors ceo Leo Kiely atop new venture.  But Leo only “committed to do this for 2 years,” he said in conference call, with 6-mo evergreen clause beyond that.  “Our clear intention is to groom succession from within,” he added.  SABMiller “gets the nod on nomination for successor and Tom Long sits in a very critical position in this new organization.”  While ceo Leo has day-to-day mgmt responsibility, prexy/chief commercial officer Tom will have specific responsibility for “marketing, sales, and distribution and strategy functions,” according to letter of intent.  So a lot of…

Publishing Info

  • Year 2007
  • Volume 38
  • Issue # 19
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