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Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, our flagship newsletter, is published 23X a year. For the last 38 years, it has frequently been the first and often only publication to report the most important beer industry facts, trends, and insights. Each issue features four info-packed pages. Inside, you'll find the latest news and numbers about the US beer business, with a special focus on exclusive articles and analysis. Readers of Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS get the info necessary to stay abreast of the latest industry events, and the understanding of those events. Here's just a small sampling of what you'll find inside:

Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS is written by the most experienced and knowledgeable staff serving the industry. More execs keep up-to-date by reading Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS than any other beer industry publication.

Join thousands of beer industry executives, ad agency representatives, government regulators, bankers, analysts, attorneys, and others who need to know as much as possible about the beer industry. These execs benefit from INSIGHTS' authoritative reporting and analysis. Put that advantage to work for you. A one year-subscription is priced at $750 dollars (add $25 outside of US). As with all our newsletters, we offer a money-back guarantee: if Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS fails to meet your expectations, we will gladly refund the unused portion of your subscription.

New INSIGHTS analysis of total high-end malt bev mkt in US shows why more and more brewer/distrib focus aimed squarely here. Two factors stand out: 1) high end grew far faster than overall beer biz, roughly 2+ mil bbls per year for each of last 5 yrs; 2) big brewers consistently lost share of this profitable, growing segment in recent yrs. High-end volume reached 39 mil bbls in 2001, we estimate. That?s about 19% of total US malt bev shipments. And high end jumped almost 3 mil bbls in 2001 alone; over half of gain was Smirnoff Ice. Since 96, high-end market expanded by 11.3 mil bbls, 41% and gained 5 share. Editor?s note: definition of high end depends on who?s definin?. INSIGHTS? first crack at total segment is expansive, including all imports (tho some sell at prices close to premium), all malternatives/hard lemons, all of old superpremium segment (mostly Michelob brands and Rolling Rock, ditto on price issue), and all craft beers. In same 5-yr period when total high end jumped 11 mil bbls, AB?s high-end brands actually declined slightly: from 5.5 mil bbls to 5.3 mil bbls. More important, AB?s 20 share of high end in 96 eroded…

Publishing Info

  • Year 2002
  • Volume 33
  • Issue # 13
"There seem to be signs" malternatives "are peaking," AB CFO Randy Baker said in conference call Jul 24. AB sees "nothing there that supports further significant growth," Randy added. YTD thru Jul 14, malternatives had 3.1 share of supermarket volume, according to IRI, up 0.8. Several Wall St analysts echo Randy. "We continue to expect malternatives to peak in the 3Q and forecast a 3.5% share for this segment, basically a niche segment similar in size to the craft or microbrewers," Morgan Stanley’s Bill Pecoriello wrote recently. (In 2001, micros had 3 share, malternatives had 2.5 share.) "We believe that the FAB category is going through a period of accelerated brand rationalization (akin to that of the wine cooler, ice beer, craftbrew, etc) as a result of recent disappointing FAB introductions such as Captain Morgan Gold and Sauza Diablo. We believe the lack of traction by these products have made wholesalers and retailers hesitant to stock up their shelves with new brands," Caroline Levy at UBS Warburg wrote. Biggest disappointment so far: Captain Morgan Gold, which Diageo supported heavily during 2d-qtr launch. The brand just did not sell. In fact, Diageo already pulling some excess inventory from distribs. At presstime,…

Publishing Info

  • Year 2002
  • Volume 33
  • Issue # 14
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