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Table below for Q2/6-mo shipments shows stark trend differences among top 6 players in US malt bevs. Big story all year: outsized gains of Mike’s (#7) and Boston, plus continued solid Constellation performance, tho Constellation trend slowed in 2019 so far. Diageo Beer Co up too. Meanwhile, AB and MC volume eroded at same pace or worse than recent yrs. FIFCO down modestly, HUSA and Yuengling down mid-singles, Pabst down double-digits. Up first, the winners. Following flat Q1, Constellation boosted calendar Q2 shipments to up near 6%, but that’s well below its trend vs last few yrs. For 12 mos, Constellation still up very healthy 1.6 mil bbls, 8%. Meanwhile, both Boston and Mike’s outgained Constellation Jan-Jun. Boston shipments up just shy of 200K bbls in Q2, 16.7%. By over-shipping Truly seltzer to avoid out of stocks and maintaining Twisted Tea growth, Boston up 460K bbls, 23% for 6 mos and up near 20% for 12 mos. Depletions up more “modest” +15% for 6 mos. Mike’s afire; tracking at 60%+. So, Mike’s up approx 700K bbls in 1st half, by far biggest gainer of all. Blew past Yuengling as #7 supplier in US Jan-Jun. Diageo Beer Co USA up mid-singles…

Publishing Info

  • Year 2019
  • Volume 50
  • Issue # 14
Constellation sales still strong but somewhat less stellar than before. Shipments up 6.5% for 6 mos thru May (5% in latest qtr). And it expects next qtr (Jun-Aug) “net sales... growth to be in the mid-single digit range,” cfo David Klein said on conference call. That means shipments could be up slightly less, in 3-5% range. And that will be 9-mo period of 5-6% growth. Recall, Constellation grew shipments 10% last yr, 9% the yr before that. Lotsa factors at play: lapping big brand intros, seltzer’s big spike, bad weather especially in CA, law of large #s, modest 2019 innovations. Constellation hasn’t changed guidance for fiscal yr (ending Feb 2020): high single digit sales growth. That’s $$. Yet STZ volume growth now more like mid-singles than high singles in 2019. A very different picture. But Wall Street largely pleased with latest qtr anyway, in part because Constellation beer earnings still up double digits. Oper income up 12%. Constellation’s growth mostly driven by Modelo Especial these days. Modelo depletions accelerated to +17% Mar-May, ceo Bill Newlands said on conference call, while Corona family “roughly flattish.” Constellation had 7 of top 10 imports and about 65 share of segment YTD thru Jun…

Publishing Info

  • Year 2019
  • Volume 50
  • Issue # 13
Nation’s largest beer mkt a long-term trouble spot for AB; it went from 50 share in early 90s to just 30.5 share last yr. And its biz still getting weaker in CA as sales continue down mid-single digits, branches fight with only declining AB portfolio, and several strong indy distribs lost Constellation last yr. So what’s a global mega-brewer to do? AB exploring different options, looking for solutions to its ongoing CA woes. Yet even at this late date, it has “no plan,” some say. And to some extent, it has thrown ball back in distribs’ court. Among other options considered in recent mos: some time back it offered to buy indy AB distribs that lost Constellation in Southern CA. In one case, it reportedly offered virtually nothing for good will. Then too, it has offered to sell some of its branches to same distribs. Also considered: two indy distribs would combine and buy a coupla AB branches. While that sounds like a big biz, it’s across a broad geography. And so it would be low share, not necessarily competitive with nation’s largest distrib Reyes. Recall, Reyes sells near 90 mil cases in SoCal, almost half of that Constellation. And…

Publishing Info

  • Year 2019
  • Volume 50
  • Issue # 11
What a weird and different Q1! AB lost just tiny share of shipments. Constellation barely up, its softest qtr since 2012, gaining just tiny share. Meanwhile, Boston and Mike’s packed on at least 450-500K bbls between ’em with unheard of 32% and 50%+ gains respectively. And Diageo Beer Co stayed very healthy. Boston’s outsized shipments jump propelled it well ahead of Pabst on 12-mo basis, we estimate. So, Boston’s the new #5 brewer in US. And just got bigger with Dogfish Head acquisition (see below). Can’t call it yet, but Mike’s very close to passing Yuengling for #7 spot. With a bullet! ...

Publishing Info

  • Year 2019
  • Volume 50
  • Issue # 9
That was quick. Just days after we reported “more coming” from TTB enforcement actions in IL (see Mar 25 issue), it announced $350K offer in compromise from Brewers Distrib Co in Peoria, IL. And just days after that, TTB announced $2.5 million offer from Heineken USA, its biggest haul on record. Those offers followed a $1.3-mil deal TTB cut with Seattle distiller in early Mar. All in, TTB got offers for over $4 mil in less than 1 month. And that’s on top of collective $2.7 mil TTB collected from Eagle Brands in FL ($1.5 mil), Elgin Dist (IL) and Warsteiner Imports in 2018 ($900K). Those multi-mil allocations the agency got for expanded trade practice investigations starting to pay off for Feds. But more folks starting to push back against TTB’s perceived overreach too. Stay tuned. In Illinois, TTB tagged Brewers Dist Co (AB, HUSA, craft) for allegedly selling products to retailers with right of return. BDC also “required retailers to purchase their products,” an exclusive outlet violation under FAA Act. After investigation in Florida, then in NYC and WA, TTB alleged “Heineken USA provided some retailers with BrewLock draft systems at no charge and reimbursed other retailers for the…

Publishing Info

  • Year 2019
  • Volume 50
  • Issue # 8
With oral hearing on tap for Jan 16, US Sup Ct will review legitimacy of state alc bev regs for first time since 2005 Granholm case. Balance between states’ rights to regulate alcohol under 21st Amendment and fed interest in level economic playing fields across states once again before the court. Decision could have broad impact on state laws far beyond Tennessee’s 2-yr residency requirement for liquor retailers. Then again, Justices could fashion a narrow decision with modest impact. Here’s a primer. Players & History: TN liquor store assn (TWSRA) and Tenn ABC defend TN’s 2-yr residency requirement for retail liquor licenses vs mega-retailer Total Wine. TN law claims it’s in TN’s interest “to maintain a higher degree of oversight, control and accountability” for retailers of higher-alc bevs. When Total sought liquor license in 2016, state sought judgment whether 21st Amendment allowed TN to enforce residency requirement. US Dist Ct tossed law; TN Retailers Assn appealed. US Appeals Ct for 6th Circuit affirmed lower ct. Tenn Retailers appealed to US Sup Ct. Decision expected in spring. US Dist Ct determined residency requirement not an “inherent aspect” of TN’s 3-tier system saved by 21st Amendment. US Appeals Ct agreed, interpreting Granholm…

Publishing Info

  • Year 2018
  • Volume 49
  • Issue # 23
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