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Composition of the High End: Constellation 24 Share, AB 20, HUSA 7, Boston & Mike’s 5-6

Above premium beer jumped 6 mil bbls, 7% last yr to nearly 95 mil bbls, INSIGHTS estimates.  Averaged 4.5 mil bbls of growth a yr last 5 yrs.  This is the healthy half (or nearly) of the biz, as we’ve written.  With the coming economic dislocation from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even possible that this multi-year trend could change.  All the more reason to take a look at this snapshot of above premium market at a point in time, 2019.  The scorecard looks very, very different in terms of share, size and momentum.  And at least through March of this year, this is where the action is.

Constellation remains #1 in the High End, selling 22.5 mil bbls for a 23.7% share of all high end segments.  But that’s almost all Mexican imports so far.  Constellation growth slowed to 6%.  That meant it lost 0.2 share of the High End last yr. AB is #2 in the High End, sold almost 19 mil bbls of above premium volume INSIGHTS estimated.  Up 1.6 mil bbls, 9%.  All that growth and more from Michelob Ultra brand family, almost 60% of AB’s above premium volume.  (AB craft biz up strong too.) AB #2 above premium player at 19.9 share, up 0.5 share.  Heineken USA lost 1.4 mil bbls in high end last 5 yrs.  That meant its share of above premium fell 3.4 points to 7.4.  As we’ve noted elsewhere, if present trends continue/resume after coming difficulties, Mike’s should pass HUSA in 2020. Mike’s doubled its biz in 2019 and jumped 2.5 share of above premium segments to 5.4.  Rounding out top 5, Boston jumped 0.8 share to 5.6 share of the high end.  Both Mike’s and Boston passed Molson Coors in above premium last year. Everyone in the top 5, except AB, is 100% high end.

Molson Coors dropped to #6 in high end, with less than a 5 share.  These numbers illustrate the urgency for Molson Coors to improve in these critical segments.  Last yr, while total above premium biz skyrocketed, up 6 mil bbls, Molson Coors lost ground.  Its above premium biz fell high single digits in all (some smaller brands up big). Dropped to under 5 mil bbls and fell 0.8 share to 4.8. Diageo jumped 200K bbls, 8% and held at 2.8 share of above premium.  Sierra Nevada lost high-end ground in recent yrs, but still 1+ share.    

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  • Year: 2020
  • Volume: 51
  • Issue #: 6
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