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How Low Can Teen Drinking Rates Go? 8th and 10th Graders Now More Likely to Use Illegal Drugs than Alcohol (excerpt)

Monthly teen drinking rates continued to decrease in 2019, according to annual Monitoring the Future surveys done on behalf of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  But once again, the big story from health officials’ perspective, was the ongoing, significant and troubling increase in teen vaping, especially teen vaping of marijuana.  Indeed, “past month marijuana vaping among 12th graders nearly doubled in a single year to 14% from 7.5%,” NIDA highlighted. 

Meanwhile, past month use of alcohol declined again amongst eighth graders, tenth graders and high school seniors.  The long-term declines in teen drinking are remarkable, as AII has reported for many years, and as the table below makes clear.  There were modest increases in the last year in “heavy episodic drinking” from 2018 to 2019 (among 8th and 12th graders), but once again the long-term declines are in the range of -53% to -71% across these grades. ...

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  • Year: 2019
  • Volume: 36
  • Issue #: 12
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