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Ballast Point Declines Still Steepening; Down 30% Plus in Latest Scans

It’s only gonna get worse before it gets any better for Ballast Point, it seems, following co’s decision to close locations, “halt” any “broad-based” new brand launches and brewpubs a couple mos ago (see Apr 16 issue). Ballast Point declines steepened to $$ down 38%, volume down 36% for latest 4 wks thru Jun 15 in Nielsen All Outlet data cited by Morgan Stanley’s Dara Mohsenian. $$ sales now down down 34% for 12 wks and -21% for latest 52 wks. That’s as avg price/case declines slowed to down 3% for 4 wks vs -5% for 12 wks and -8% for 52 wks, following cos decision to restructure pricing via Discovery Series, Sculpins and Specialty brews. Ballast declines continue to have little-to-no effect on Constellation Beer Brand Divisions’ overall results. Total Constellation beer sales-to-retailers grew 6.6% in Mar-May qtr, with shipments up 4.2 mil cases, 5.4%, and revs up $100 mil, 7.4%, to nearly $1.5 bil for fiscal Q2, co reported earlier today.

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  • Year: 2019
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  • Issue #: 58
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