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In Lopsided Q1, Boston, Mike’s & Diageo Get the Growth; Quirky Constellation Qtr; New #5 (excerpt)

What a weird and different Q1!  AB lost just tiny share of shipments.  Constellation barely up, its softest qtr since 2012, gaining just tiny share.  Meanwhile, Boston and Mike’s packed on at least 450-500K bbls between ’em with unheard of 32% and 50%+ gains respectively.  And Diageo Beer Co stayed very healthy. Boston’s outsized shipments jump propelled it well ahead of Pabst on 12-mo basis, we estimate.  So, Boston’s the new #5 brewer in US.  And just got bigger with Dogfish Head acquisition (see below).  Can’t call it yet, but Mike’s very close to passing Yuengling for #7 spot.  With a bullet! ...

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  • Year: 2019
  • Volume: 50
  • Issue #: 9
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