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OH Craft Volume Up 1% YTD in IRI; Down 1% and Losing Share for 13 Wks; Top Cities & Brands (excerpt)

Ohio craft segment (as defined by IRI) still eking out growth for the year, but it’s declining and losing share more recently in scans, sneak peek at OH IRI data depicts. OH craft volume grew 0.8% YTD thru Dec 2, as total beer volume flat in OH IRI multi-outlet + convenience channels. So craft gained just 0.06 share to 8.4 of total OH beer volume thru most of 2018.  And for latest 13 wks, craft declined 0.8% and lost slight share for period, as total beer off just 0.4%. (Recall, craft volume similarly up 1.2% YTD nationally, maintained just 0.6% growth for latest 12 wks.) FMBs and Superpremium snagged most growth in OH MULC, up 15% and 18.5% respectively. Each grabbed additional 0.8-0.9 share. Imports grew more modest 4% and +0.3 share. Premium brews are a bit healthier in OH scans (-2.5%) while subpremiums a bit softer (-3.3%) vs natl trends.

Craft a bit softer yet in more developed OH foodstores: down 0.3% YTD and -1.2% for 13 wks thru Dec 2. It shed 0.2 share to 19 of foodstore beer volume YTD, -0.3 share for 13 wks. And most major cities declining at steeper rates than statewide: Cleveland craft -0.6%, Columbus -3% and Cincy/Dayton -3%, while craft segment still growin’ 5% YTD in less-developed Toledo. Net-net, craft showing signs of leveling off in OH scans too. Editor’s note: Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co is top share gaining co in OH, up 53% for 13 wks in MULC and +96% in OH foodstores with White Claw seltzers drivin’ the bus, as we reported in sibling pub INSIGHTS Express. How much seltzer growth is comin’ at the expense of craft?

Rhinegeist Truth Larger Than Blue Moon Statewide; Co Larger Than HUSA in Cincy, But Sales Slowin'   That’s not to say there aren’t some big winners in OH craft, none more apparent than Cincy’s Rhinegeist. Its lead brand Truth IPA, up 45% YTD, now outsells Blue Moon Belgian White as the largest IRI-defined craft brand and 30th best-selling total beer brand in state by volume in MULC channels. In hometown Cincy foodstores, Rhinegeist outsells Heineken USA by volume for 2d straight year, now with 2.4 share of beer volume vs 2.1 share for HUSA. Yet even the biggest craft growth story in OH over the last handful of yrs is showing signs of slowdown. Rhinegeist up just 4% YTD in Cincy/Dayton foodstores. Truth IPA flattish for latest 4 wks vs up 22% YTD thru Dec 2. And Cidergeist Bubbles Rosé Cider dipped 5% YTD, -28% for latest 13 wks. Recall, Rhinegeist expects to grow 21%, +14K bbls to 100K bbls in 2018 all channel, just its 5th year in biz! But gotta wonder how much further co can go in its local mkt with bustling Cincy craft scene and softening craft trends overall.

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  • Year: 2018
  • Volume: 9
  • Issue #: 114
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