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No Flowers, No Seeds: Short Supply, Youth Use, Travel, Workplace Issues Quickly Emerge in Canada Cannabis Legalization (excerpt)

No end to glitches as Canada launched legal recreational cannabis use October 17.  Here are some:

Supply is Short  Virtually every province, regardless of how it set up distribution, reported “rampant supply shortages” early on, according to AP.  Many stores sold out quickly, government shops announced they’d close several days of the week, consumers who ordered online (i.e. in the biggest province Ontario, where no retail outlets will open until April) faced long waits.  Anecdotally, there’s already been a return to the black market. “The producers keep saying there will be some bumps in the road, but right now it’s not a bump in the road. It’s a big pothole,” one store owner told AP. It’s not just finished product.  Those seeking to grow their own face a shortage of seeds, as well, The Globe and Mail reports today. As a result, “some illegal cannabis seed vendors are reporting big spikes in sales since recreational cannabis was legalized last month, driven by the lack of legal seed supply outside of the medical-marijuana system.”

Public Health is Outraged   “What the hell is our government thinking?”  So asks an addictions counselor in the New York Times this morning, noting that “it’s been proven the brain doesn’t stop growing until you are 25, and yet we’re legally selling it to people at 19.”  As with much alcohol research, “cannabis is correlated with lots of things,” but “teasing out whether it’s causally related is a much more complicated thing,” one researcher reminds. “Sifting through the science” and providing the most appropriate advice, again, as in alcohol, is “tricky.”  Some prevention experts prefer harm reduction strategies. Some preach abstinence, even while most agree that preachy “just say no” programs do not work. Everyone advises parents to communicate with their teenagers. A third of Canadian teens say they’ve smoked marijuana in the past 3 months, a recent survey showed.  So, there’s already significant youth use. ...

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  • Year: 2018
  • Volume: 35
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