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Modelo Top Growth Brand; Ultra Passes Bud as It Slows A Bit; 8 of Top 10 New or Expanded

Modelo Especial $$ sales up 19.3%, $193.5 mil yr-to-date thru Sep 9 in IRI multioutlet + convenience to pass Michelob Ultra and retake slot as #1 growth brand in beer biz.  Ultra up a still stellar $190 mil, 16.7% but its growth slowed slightly in most recent periods. Yet Ultra at $1.326 bil in sales YTD in IRI MULC. That’ just ahead of Bud at $1.325.5 bil.  Top 2 growth brands gained 1.4 share of $$ YTD. Every other top 10 growth brand is either new or expanded. Constellation has 3 of top 4 growth brands as Premier, up $102 mil, and Familiar, up $85 mil, are #3 and #4.  Those 2 brands gained 0.76 share of $$ YTD. Of growth brands #5-10, 3 are hard seltzers, 2 are new AB brands, 1 is a cider. Boston Beer has 3 of those brands. MillerCoors does not have any top-10 growth brands. All top-10 growth brands are above premium.

White Claw Variety is #5 growth brand; $$ sales up $57.8 mil and it gained 0.23 share of $$ to 0.28.  But in supers for last 12 weeks, it got 0.92 share of $$. Bud Light Orange also grabbed an incremental $54 mil, up 0.22 share, while Ultra Gold got $37 mil of sales and 0.15 share of $$.  Brands #8-10 are all Boston Beer. Angry Orchard Rosé at $32 mil, all incremental; grabbed 0.13 share. Truly Variety Pack up $27.1 mil and Truly Spiked and Sparkling Berry Mix Pack at $23.4 mil (incremental). The 3 brands grabbed over 0.3 share.  Keystone Light and Twisted Tea both gained over $20 mil and just below top 10 growth brands. White Claw Black Cherry got incremental $17 mil.

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  • Year: 2018
  • Volume: 49
  • Issue #: 17
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