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Solid Segment Growth in Mich, Where Top 2 In-State Craft Near 10 Share of Scanned Beer $$

Michigan still a craft outlier. It’s one of few mkts where not one but 2 craft brands make the top-10, 3 make top-15 beer brands, at least by $$ in broad food, drug, mass, club and dollar store stats from Black Apple consulting, using Nielsen xAOC data. And top 2 in-state brewers near 10 share of beer $$, almost 40 share of craft in Mich. That’s Bell’s at 5.4 share, Founders at 4.2 in this broad off-premise channel. With average case price over $6 higher than Founders, Bell’s almost $5 mil in sales ahead, #3 beer supplier in state, bigger than Constellation. But by volume, Founders less than 50K cases behind Bell’s in these off-premise channels. Notably, craft $$ up 5% yr-to-date thru Sept 9 on 3.6% volume gain in state where the segment nears 1 in every $4 spent on beer. Craft case gains have slowed recently, up just 0.4% for 4 wks. But still much better than lots of other US mkts.

What of those big craft brands? Biggest is Bell’s Oberon, bigger than Corona Extra by $$ YTD to 9/9 in these off-premise channels. But wasn’t a great yr for the summer seasonal, $$ off near 6% YTD and a pt or two steeper for 4 and 13 wks. Not so for the co’s flagship Two Hearted: steady as she blows in Mich, #9 beer brand overall, +8.7% YTD. Still up high singles for 4 and 13 wks. Founders All Day actually bigger than Two Hearted by volume, but #13 brand by $$. It’s up 5.6% by $$ in home state for just over 8 mos, with avg price per case up over 1%. All Day volume now declining by almost 3% for 4, 13 wks, tho. Yet total Founders biz still up strong double digits. Up 24.5% YTD, 4 pts behind total volume trend, as avg price per case down 88 cents to $30.20. Cases still up near 18% for 4 wks. Call it the Solid Gold effect, which clearly impacted All Day’s summer (and maybe Oberon’s too) in Mich. Total Bell’s $$ +1.8% YTD, but down a couple pts recently.

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  • Year: 2018
  • Volume: 9
  • Issue #: 88
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