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Mich Ultra #2 Brand in $$ in TX Nielsen Food/Mass Data Thru Sep 1; Constellation $$ Sales up 18%

Beer biz undergoing wrenching changes in big TX where top 2 still had 73 share in 2017.  Mich Ultra $$ sales up 18.5% to $107.8 mil in Nielsen food/mass data thru Sep 1 (c-stores not included in this data set). It just edged past Miller Lite at $107 mil in $$ (still way behind in cases) to become #2 brand in $$ sales YTD.  Its continued explosive growth more than made up for big declines in Bud Light. Bud Light $$ sales down 6.5% (cases down 9.4%) to $206.4 mil. In all, AB $$ sales up 0.9%, even while cases down 1.7%.

Constellation $$ sales up 17.6.% YTD in this Nielsen data.  Modelo Especial jumped another 18% to $52.6 mil, just passing Dos Equis as #7 brand in state. Dos down 1.5% in TX, traditionally its stronghold.  Modelo also closing in on Bud. Miller Lite $$ sales down 0.4% and Coors Light down 5% (Coors Light cases down 7%). Total MC $$ down 1.7%, volume down 3.4% in TX.  Volume of all premium beers down 7% to 21.3 mil cases and $$ sales down 5%, while import volume jumped 5% to 8.15 mil cases, $$ up 8%. Superpremium $$ up 16.6% and volume jumped 15% to 5.3 mil cases. Relatively underdeveloped craft $$ flat and volume down 1% to 3.46 mil cases in TX YTD.

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  • Year: 2018
  • Volume: 20
  • Issue #: 173
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