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New HUSA CEO Will Be Maggie Timoney “Shatters Glass Ceiling”; Has Big Task Ahead (excerpt)

When Heineken announced Maggie Timoney will replace Ronald den Elzen as ceo of Heineken USA starting Sep 1, much made of fact that she is first ever female ceo of top 5 US supplier.  “Heineken shatters US beer industry’s glass ceiling,” Ad Age headlined. While that’s indeed notable in such a male-dominated industry, at least as significant are the many challenges Maggie will face to turn Heineken USA around.  Maggie gets raves from lotsa folks who knew/know her well. But folks question whether HUSA, with just a 4 share and no brands of size growing, can get back to growth no matter how skilled the leader.

For past 5 yrs, Maggie ran Ireland for Heineken. That biz no small potatoes, but reportedly less than half of HUSA.  Actually, only 4% of Heineken’s global volume in US (a little higher on profits). In Ireland, Maggie “over-delivered on volume, revenue, profit and market targets,” co said.  Maggie born in Ireland, but a US citizen. She spent much of her career here, including as SVP of Human Resources at HUSA.

HUSA volume under increased pressure in last 12 mos.  Following 3% loss last yr (worst trend since 2011), it dropped high single digits in Q1.  It’s down 4.9% yr-to-date thru May 26 in Nielsen all outlet. ...

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  • Year: 2018
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  • Issue #: 11
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