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Back to DC for CAP

Exec editor Eric Shepard here, off to DC today for annual Center for Alcohol Policy mtg.  CAP sponsored by NBWA and once again features broad range of input from industry, regulators and public health.   Org has been criticized for giving stage to prominent public health figures who are often harshly critical of the beer business.  Indeed, this yr’s program includes speakers from Alcohol Justice (ex- Marin Inst) and Eat Drink Politics, as well as MADD.  But as outgoing NBWA chairman Bob Archer said at Vegas convention, NBWA feels it “must continue to build working relationships with certain non-traditional allies, including public health and safety organizations.  Doing so does not mean that we are putting our stamp of approval on every action or position of these organizations.  However, if we want them to support our independent three-tier system of beer distribution when it is under attack, then we must consider working with them. “  Also on tap at CAP: a coupla attorneys/observers who criticized ABI-Modelo deal from antitrust pt of view, attys/profs to talk about 21st Amendment/legal cases, a round-up of state regulation issues and overview of de-regulation in UK vs US.  The party ain’t as hearty as at NBWA convention, but there’s usually plenty of food for thought.  Look out for coverage in Alcohol Issues Insights and more.

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