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What Does US Increasing “Interest” in World Cup Mean for Beer?; US vs Belgium Beer

Despite outcome of yesterday's World Cup match between US and Belgium, CNN reports “how America (already) won the World Cup,” because of US’s rapidly growing “interest” in the world-wide phenomenon. For example, US vs Portugal match was “the most-watched soccer game in American history according to Nielsen figures,” at 25 mil viewers. That’s 10 mil more than the average # of viewers of Major League Baseball World Series this past yr; only college and pro Football (American) have higher avg viewers. Then too, US attendance at World Cup, social media presence and revenue for companies involved in the World Cup are at all-time highs, noted CNN.

What does this mean for beer? For starters, ABI has “hit the jackpot in Brazil,” according to CNN, with all of its sponsorships (and likely its beer sales). Secondly, with more viewers than ever before (see above), gotta think that could be a win for beer, particularly on premise. A larger percentage of young people (ages 19-29) are “closely following” the World Cup compared to all other age groups, found Pew Research. Same survey found that more U.S Hispanics across all age-ranges followed the World Cup at least “fairly closely” or “very closely” than any other race demographic. Tho gotta note, it'll be interesting to see how much US viewers pay attention now that both U.S and Mexico teams eliminated.

Separately, NY Times listed beer 2nd to only tennis when describing ongoing competition between US and Belgium over the yrs. Paper points to growing popularity of “Belgian-style white beers, like Blue Moon,” that “have been co-opted and produced by American brewers.” Editor’s note: not to mention all the craft-brewed Belgian style beers, and the 3rd largest craft brewery, named “New Belgium.” But NY Times seemingly gives Belgium the nod, since “Belgian brewing conglomerate InBev bought Anheuser Busch in 2008, putting a Belgian stamp on some of the most iconic American beer brands.” So Belgium may have won the match, and the NY Times Beer Cup, but US has plenty good to take away from this yr's World Cup.

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