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Doubling Down on San Diego

Look out.  Benj and I have descended on San Diego for separate mtgs, first time in 35 yrs of travel that we’ve been in same city on different missions.  Benj will address the California Beer & Beverage Distributors, updating the association on key current business developments, brewer-distrib relations and more.  Also on the program: ABI’s North American prexy Luiz Edmond, a panel led by consultant Bump Williams and more.

I’m in town for “Wine, Beer and Spirits Law” legal seminar sponsored by CLE Intl.Looking forward to atty Marc Sorini’s analysis of “Towards Liquor Control,” 1930s tome touted by NBWA that helped transition US out of Prohibition.Distribution panel with Stone’s Greg Koch, DISCUS and WSWA reps should be another highlight.Lots more on tap too.Look for reports in our publications as soon as Friday.

Speaking of legal, gotta note the evisceration by US District Court Judge Maxine Chesney of antitrust charges brought by consumers/activist atty Joe Alioto Sr. against ABI-Modelo deal.As we noted in yesterday’s Express, she ripped ‘em up and down the line and totally tossed all claims under fed antitrust statutes but left door open a crack to amend lawsuit via state law claims if they file ‘em by Oct 11.  Read her decision here.


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