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Winter Fancy Foods Show
Jan 21-23, San Francisco, CA
Feb 10-11, Long Beach, CA
Natural Products Expo
Mar 8-11, Anaheim, CA
CoffeeFest Baltimore
Mar 16-18, Baltimore, MD
Beverage Forum
Apr 24-25, Chicago, IL
Beer Marketer's Insights Spring Conference
May 16-17, Chicago, IL
National Restaurant Association Show
May 19-22,Chicago, IL
BevNet Live Summer Conference
June 6-7, NY, NY
Beverage Digest Market Smarts
June 11, NY, NY 





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Beer INSIGHTS Webinars

The info you need in a new, fast-paced format.

Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS newsletters bring both in-depth and wide-ranging reporting to the beer industry, while data-heavy, quick-hitting presentations from our editors have become regular features of top beer industry events. Beer INSIGHTS Webinars bring you the best of both: live, engaging presentations and discussion of up-to-the-minute info without having to leave your desk.

This new format provides new opportunities to gain valuable insight into the US beer biz, including:

  • lively presentations packed with the latest data and news;
  • downloadable decks to return to again and again;
  • supplemental materials to dig even deeper into the details;
  • live interaction with BMI’s experienced editors, including plenty of time for Q&A.

Coming in April, the first two Beer INSIGHTS Webinars will cover the ever-dynamic craft segment. Don’t miss these events: register today.

Craft Update, 2018

A two-pack of fast-paced 90-minute webinars, April 5 & 26, 2018  

Craft Update, 2018 will guide both experienced industry vets and newcomers through this increasingly complex landscape. Quickly expand your perspective and understanding of the US craft beer biz and walk away with loads of stats and facts.

Part I: Digging Deep into US Craft - Thursday, April 5, 2018, 1-2:30pm EST

Get the lay of the land and go deep into the US craft beer market. Featuring:

  • Craft volume in the context of total US beer biz;
  • Per-capita consumption analysis;
  • 10 years of shipments stats on top craft players; [IMAGES]
  • Analysis of retail scanner data;
  • Insight into big global brewers’ craft competitors and how M&A reshapes the market;
  • And more!

Reserve your spot to Part l for just $150!

Part II: Players, Places & Themes: Surveying Craft’s Breadth - Thursday, April 26, 2018, 1-2:30pm EST

Get a sense of how craft’s shape and size varies in different parts of the US. Featuring:

  • Collective small brewer volume share across regions & most states;
  • Selected state craft supplier shipments;
  • Exploration of key regional players; [IMAGES]
  • Surveys of important stories impacting local markets;
  • In-depth legal & legislative analysis;
  • And more!

Reserve your spot to Part lI for just $150!

Part I and Part II will each provide valuable insights on their own. But to get the most out of this opportunity, participate in both 90-minute webinars and save $50.

Reserve your spot to both Part I and Part II for just $250!

Realize significant savings by registering your whole team: reach out for multi-used discounts. And don’t worry if you have to miss the live presentations: recording will be available to registered participants after initial broadcasts. Don’t miss this special opportunity. Reserve your space now. April’s right around the corner!



Reserve Your 2018 Update Today and Save $100

Key Figures Available March 9

Get the data you need to track the dynamic US beer biz in the 2018 Beer Industry Update.  Key 2017 figures ‒ brewers, brands, segments, retail trends and more ‒ will be available March 9.  Hard-hitting data tables, expert analysis from Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS and 4-color graphs make the data come alive.  

Update is the most reliable compendium of beer data and analysis available, published by Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS.  Update buyers can receive electronic files with tables, text and color charts just days after major suppliers report their figures and other year-end data wraps up.  That’s March 9.  When all of the 2017 data becomes available ‒ by June 1 ‒ we’ll complete the publication for you in the same formats.  We’ll also publish a print edition of Update for those who prefer a handy desk reference.  

Here’s the data you’ll receive March 9:

  1. 2017 Industry Overview, with figures and analysis of industry totals, suppliers and major brands
  2. Key Brand and Segment Data 2013-2017
  3. Detailed Segment, Brewer, Brand and Price Trends in Key Retail Channels
  4. Import Brand Trends 2013-2017
  5. Industry Shipments 2007-2017
  6. Major Brewers' Shipments 2007-2017
  7. Major Brewers’ Shipments By Quarter 2015-2017
  1. Quarterly/Annual Depletions Trends for AB, MC, Constellation and Boston Beer 2013-2017
  2. Shipments by Top Craft brewers, 2013-2017
  3.  Brewery Stock price trends
  4. Beer, Wine and Spirits Price Indexes
  5. Leading Brands in Key Metro Markets
  6. US Import-Export Data
  7. US Drinking Trends from Gallup and Govt Surveys

                      And more…

#1-14 above, plus:Then, on June 1st you’ll get the full data and analysis:

  • Major Brewers' Shipments and Share, by Region and in 42 States 2013-2017
  • Brewer/Importer Profiles
  • Alcohol Consumption Trends;
  • Draft & Package Share by State;
  • Key International Developments    
  • And more…

Update's got all the key facts and figures you need to plan strategy and protect your investment in the fast-changing beer industry.  Shipments data, brewer data, brand data, prices, demographics: Update's got it all.  In over 300 pages jam-packed with information, tables, graphs and analysis the 2018 Update will provide a com­plete picture of the US brewing industry.  We also give you a 5-year series of shipments by the biggest global brewers.  And with our flexible electronic/print format, you can get the informa­tion you want more quickly than ever before, in the format you choose.

An added bonus: Reserve your copy of 218 Beer Industry Update now and save $100 off the publication price.  Remember, for electronic publication orders, we'll start sending you date by March 4th. Prices will go up by $100 on June 1st.

2018 Beer Industry Update Prices Pre-Publication Discount Price: Regular Price as of  June 1st
2018 Beer Industry Update (Electronic Edition Only) $1,200 $1,300
2018 Beer Industry Update (Print Only) (add $60 for airmail outside US) $1,100 $1,200
2018 Beer Industry Update (Both Electronic and Printed Editions) (add $60 for airmail outside US) $1,300 $1,400



Order Craft Brew Guide


Craft Brew Guide- Electronic Addition

Craft Brew Guide- Print and Electronic Edition


Craft Brew Guide - Multiple Copy Rates
  Electronic (PDF) Print + Electronic (PDF)  
1 copy $199.00 ea $249.00 ea  
5-9 copies $149.25 ea $186.75 ea save 25% off single copy rates
10-14 copies $133.33 ea $166.83 ea save 33% off single copy rates
15-19 copies $119.40 ea $149.90 ea save 40% off single copy rates
20+ copies $99.50 ea $124.50 ea save 50% off single copy rates


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