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2017 Craft BREW Guide


The pace of change within the craft beer segment continues to accelerate, even as its overall growth slowed in 2016. In more challenging times, comprehensive and accurate info can deepen understanding and provide a competitive edge. Order the 2017 Craft Brew Guide to stay on top of this fast-changing industry. This one-of-a-kind resource arms execs, analysts and sales teams with the data they need to navigate the complex craft beer biz. 

Available as a soft-cover book and/or digital PDF, reserve your copy today!


2017 Craft Brew Guide - Digital (PDF) Edition

2017 Craft Brew Guide - Print + Digital (PDF) Editions

Craft Brew Guide Features:

  • A 10-yr review of total craft shipments, placed in the context of total shipments, imports and mainstream beer, with volume and share trends highlighted.
  • A 10-yr review of each of the top craft brewers' shipments (over 100,000 bbls in 2016), again highlighting volume, trend and market share.
  • Key recent craft trends off- and on-premise.
  • Regional, state and city-level data: small brewer shipments and production by region, select state-level shipments and analysis of off-premise retail in key craft markets.
  • Profiles of each of the top-10 craft brewers.
  • Details and analysis of craft mergers and acquisitions.
  • Key insights into the ways big brewers are playing in the craft segment, including brand volumes, trends and analysis of their impact.



New for 2017 Edition: More Analysis of Hot Topics and Ingredient Insights

The 2017 Craft Brew Guide gives you more than ever before, adding new analyses of key trends, styles and developments. Dig into the important IPA market. See the changing shape of craft due to the growing number of multi-brand portfolios. Keep an eye on shifting hop acreage and production, plus other key ingredient markets and more. 


Craft Brew Guide arms brewer and distrib execs, craft managers and market analysts, suppliers and lenders with crucial craft industry info and insights. Use it to quickly check facts, see how your biz fits into the broader market context or help new hires get up to speed.

Available as a PDF file and a handy soft-cover book, keep the Craft Brew Guide on your desktop for quick reference. We keep expanding the Guide with additional info, but it remains a great bargain. This 100+ page book is just $225 for the PDF, $275for the print and electronic editions.


Order your copy today!

2017 Craft Brew Guide - Digital (PDF) Edition

2017 Craft Brew Guide - Print + Digital (PDF) Editions

Call or email to inquire about multiple copy discounts to keep your team informed.


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