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Not A Bad Nov; Taxpaid Shipments Up 144K Bbls, 1.2%, Sez BI; But YTD Trend Not So Hot: -1.7%

Domestic brewers’ taxpaid shipments up 144K bbls, 1.2% in Nov, estimates Beer Inst economist Michael Uhrich, following nice pop in Oct.  Still, yr-to-date taxpaids down 2.7 mil bbls, 1.7%, Michael figures.  Import gain thru Oct offsets about 1 mil bbls of loss.  So US trend now -1.7 mil bbls, -0.9% YTD, same as what Nielsen YTD off-premise scans showin’.     

INSIGHTS Express Vol 19, No 238; Dec 21, 2017


Beer Prices Up 2% in Nov

Consumer price index for beer increased 2% in Nov vs Nov 2016, per latest gov’t stats. That matched gain from Oct as beer prices increased 2% or more for 3 consecutive months.  CPI for general inflation was still ahead of beer in Nov with 2.2% increase. Spirits prices down 0.6% in Nov vs yr ago while wine prices posted a 1.2% increase. Wine prices increased 2 months in a row after falling each month for a full year. YTD thru Nov, CPI for beer up 1.8% vs 2.1% increase for general inflation while spirits and wine prices down 0.3% and 0.4% respectively.  

INSIGHTS Express Vol 19, No 234; Dec 14, 2017

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