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Seltzers Up to 6 Share in Aug; White Claw at 60 Share of Seltzers Even with OOS 

Seltzers closed out summer on a high, up 182% for 4 weeks thru Aug 31 in expanded Nielsen data.  Grabbed 5.9 share of $$ sales in period. White Claw growth accelerated to 266% for mo and it got 60 share of seltzers, even with huge out-of-stocks last mo, costing it millions of cases in lost sales.  Truly up at basically same rate it’s been in last 12 weeks: up 154%. But its share dipped under 26%. Truly often a default choice when White Claw unavailable, distribs say. With White Claw more often unavailable, and Truly’s catchy new ad platform with Keegan Michael Key, one could have expected Truly to pick up steam.  Still, 150% growth is pretty great. Truly remains a strong #2. AB down to 6 share of seltzers in Aug (but data doesn’t yet include Natty Light Seltzer), Diageo down to 4 share, MC under 2. All other seltzer entries just 2 share.   

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 21, No 187; September 13, 2019


Taxpaid Shipments -2.5% in Jul, Sez Beer Inst; US Biz Runnin’ Down 1% Yr-to-Date 

Better Jul scans for beer not reflected in shipments by domestic brewers.  Indeed, taxpaid shipments down for 6th straight mo in Jul, -382K bbls, -2.5%, estimates Beer Inst economist Michael Uhrich.  That was despite extra selling day, Michael points out. Jul was a tuff comp: up 5% last yr.  In any case, taxpaid shipments down 1.67 mil bbls, 1.7% for 7 mos.  Jan-Jun import gain offsets almost a half-mil bbls of that loss. But looks like total US shipments running down about 1% yr-to-date, even while scans suggest off-premise volume even to up slightly thru Jul.

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 21, No 172; August 22, 2019