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Imports Rebound in March, Up 11%; But Still Down 0.5% for Q1, -1% for 6 Mos  

Following 5 straight mos of declines, import shipments finally bounced back with 331K-bbl, 10.9% increase in Mar, reports Beer Inst economist Michael Uhrich based on Commerce Dept data.  Even with Mar gain, Q1 imports -40K bbls, -0.5%. (That includes 30K-bbl pop from NAs, mostly Heineken 0.0.) Decline in Q1 follows similar drop in Q4 2018. So, imports down 148K bbls, 0.9% for 6 mos.  On top of estimated 0.5% decline in domestic brewers’ shipments, total US shipments off approx 185K bbls, 0.5% in Q1, and down about same pace for 12 mos.

In Mar, Mexican shipments posted 259K-bbl, 12% gain.  But that brought Mexican shipments to up just 0.4% for 3 mos.  Big Mar gains in Belgian and Irish shipments too. Dutch biz flattish including NAs in Mar.  In Q1, Dutch shipments down 83K bbls, 8%. Belgian-German combo up 35K bbls, 5.4%. Irish shipments up 2%; Canadian shipments down 2%.  Italian shipments jumped nearly 50%. UK and Jamaican biz way off. Finally, exports hit hard in Q1: -275K bbls, -19%.

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 21, No 99; May 10, 2019


AB Looks to “Lead Growth Creation” Rather Than “Just Protecting Share,” Sez Marcel  

AB busy “reinventing ourselves,” said cmo Marcel Marcondes at Bev Marketing Forum, “to keep building brands.”   AB looks to go from “being a leader to leading” the industry and becoming a company “that really leads growth creation in the industry,” said Marcel. So, AB will “stop trying to protect our market share” above all else. It’s “about time for us to do something for the industry first,” he added.  “The industry needs to grow” and AB needs to “lead growth creation rather than just protecting market share,” tho “that’s easier said than done.”

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 21, No 91; April 30, 2019

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