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Modest Improvement in 4-Wk IRI Trends; Imports Dominate C-Store Shifts, But NA’s Outgain in Food

Category and segment trends mostly inched up slightly for latest 4 wks in IRI multi-outlet + convenience data thru Oct 31. Total beer $$ off 2% this period, about 2-tenths better than 12-wk decline. That small improvement also true for domestic premiums (-5.8% for 4 wks) and craft (-7.6%). Imports and hard seltzers each up 3-4%, a half-pt or so faster than for 12 wks, while FMBs steady at +8.3%. Superpremiums cut 12-wk decline by a third, -0.6% for 4 wks, but subpremium dropoff steepened to -8.1%. Cider eked out modest gain. 

Lookin’ at 2 major channels for off-premise beer sales, some notable differences in share shifts. In c-stores, imports dominating gains, +1.75 share of $$ to 22.6 for 4 wks. That’s same amount of share lost by domestic premiums in the channel, under 30 at 29.6. Import share gain also double the combined growth of FMBs (+0.74 share to 8.5) and seltzers (+0.7 to 8.4). But in foodstores, FMBs got top share gain, +0.33 to 5, followed by non-alcs +0.3 to 1.3. NAs actually gained more share in grocery than imports, +0.28 to 18.3, and almost twice as much share as hard seltzer, +0.17 to 8 for 4 wks. Non-alc segment up 22% for 4 wks. Still up 28% in its best channel (food), makin’ real strides behind major brand entries and more flavorful craft options

Nov 11, 2021; INSIGHTS Express, Vol 23, No 234     


Sizable AB Price Hike in FL Jan 3; Big Subpremium and Draft Increases  

First official word on 2022 pricing in FL coming in, and beer prices will be going up big there on Jan 3.  AB distribs notified that AB going up in FL, probably 5% or more blended, INSIGHTS hears.  Distribs generally embracing need for higher prices in 2022 in face of their own sharply increased costs.  In FL, AB will go up modestly on some packages (50 cents or so), while many mainstay packages will go up around 85 cents a case. Some below premium brands and packages up huge $1.60 per case, INSIGHTS hears.  And draft will go up $8 per keg, garnering praise that a supplier finally realized the increased costs of delivery, line cleaning, labor and refrigeration. 


Nov 5, 2021; INSIGHTS Express, Vol 23, No 230