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For over 47 years Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS has been the leading trade publisher for the US brewing business. Our publications deliver the latest news, exclusive info, and eagle-eyed analysis. They've become industry standards. Whether you're a busy beer exec, Wall Street analyst, lawyer, importer, supplier, or simply a professional with an active interest in the beer biz, we can get you the info you need, fast. Below, you'll find a brief description of each of our newsletters. Click the titles for more info.

  • Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS is our flagship publication, the industry-standard "orange sheet." Inside, you'll find the most complete and incisive coverage of the US beer industry available - from competitive gains and demographic trends to legal developments, brewer/wholesaler relations, and political currents. And thanks to our unique network of contacts developed 40+ years in the beer business, Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS also brings you exclusive data, news, and analysis that you simply can't get from any other source. In short, Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS delivers the most detailed, accurate, and complete picture of the beer business in the United States- period.

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  • INSIGHTS Express is a publication for those busy execs who want faster news and more info between issues of our "orange sheet." It's a single-page fax or email (your choice) published about published 200+ times a year, whevever there's news to report, almost daily. In addition to fast news updates, you'll get solid info about the beer world that we just can't fit into Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, as well as colorful quotes, international news, articles about smaller brewers, and other "outside the box" info- but no fluff. If you need your news fix fast, give INSIGHTS Express a try...

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  • Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS is devoted to the broad spectrum of alcohol policy issues facing both the alcohol beverage industry and the general public. Published 12X a year, Alcohol Issues Insights reports on results and analysis of often complex scientific material concerning alcohol and health, policy battles, social trends of drinking-- news items that help dictate the future of the alcohol business... and your investment in it. As regulators step up their attempts to restrict the use of alcoholic beverages, it's critical to get the facts and information you need to stay informed and make a difference...

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  • Beer Statistics News is a monthly report of shipments by brewers in 39 states, with a supplemental data update every second week. In it, you'll find state, region, and summary reports showing shipments trends of brewers in these states, as well as charts, graphs, maps, and written analysis. When your needs call for the most recent, comprehensive state data available, Beer Statistics News delivers..

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  • Craft Brew News   is the most comprehensive and insightful publication available covering the US craft beer business.  Craft Brew News subscribers receive breaking news along with in-depth market analysis and context that you can’t get anywhere else. Numbers. Trends. M&A. Legal & regulatory. Retail. Distribution. Expansions. And much more. Published 90+ times per year.

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The 2018 Beer Insights Spring Conference will be held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Chicago on Wednesday evening, 5/16 -  and all day Thursday, 5/17